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The McDermott + Bull Executive Network (EN) is a community of established executives who are here for you at any stage of your career. Committed to enhancing the development of senior-level executives through valuable resources and networking opportunities, the EN offers access to a membership of qualified professionals seeking to expand their knowledge, contacts, and reach across North America and Europe.

The McDermott + Bull Executive Network also partners with an array of facilitators with accomplished executive careers and backgrounds in executive coaching.

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McDermott + Bull Executive Network

United States
2 Venture, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618

1095 W. Pender St., Suite 1130
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Stroombaan 10
1181 VX Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Our Team

Lisa Tashjian
North America

Lisa serves as the Executive Network Event + Member Coordinator for McDermott + Bull for North America. In this role, she works closely with the McDermott + Bull Executive Network team to develop, plan, and promote event content and serves as the liaison between all Executive Network members to the rest of the McDermott + Bull team. Lisa will be working directly with the Executive Network members regarding their membership and event needs.

Lisa served as a Training + Development Manager for a financial education company prior to this role. She has extensive background in event planning and management, as well as experience in employee onboarding and development. Lisa has previously worked in both the hospitality and financial industries and has a good understanding of how people work and interact in different environments.       

Lisa graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and minor in Sociology. She is passionate about most sports, especially hockey, and spends much of her free time either playing softball or with her young niece and nephew. Lisa currently resides in Orange County, CA. 

Contact Information
Office: 949-864-8176
Email: ltashjian@mbexec.com

Adélaïde Kanyange

Adélaïde serves as an Executive Recruiter at McDermott + Bull Europe, focusing on identifying and recruiting key executive candidates for the firm’s clients.

Adélaïde started her career in credit management and recruitment before joining the firm in 2017. She has been a volunteer at the Dutch Albino Foundation since 2014 where she manages three African countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal. Together with local partners, she works to provide sunscreen to people living with Albinism, giving them a better quality of life and a chance to prevent the number one cause of death under this group, skin cancer.

Adélaïde is fluent in 4 languages and graduated from the University of Groningen with a bachelor’s degree in international and European law.

Contact Information
Office: +31 (0)20 622 76 45
Email: executivenetwork@mbexec.eu

Tori Leets

Tori Leets serves as the Marketing and Executive Network Coordinator for McDermott + Bull. In this role, she works closely with the McDermott + Bull Executive Network team to develop, plan, and promote event content and serves as the liaison between all Executive Network members to the rest of the McDermott + Bull team.

Tori joined McDermott + Bull as the Marketing Coordinator for the firm’s Aviation + Aerospace Practice. Tori was responsible for the practice’s marketing efforts ranging from developing and implementing marketing initiatives and assisting in the practice’s writing and digital media efforts.

Tori graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a B.S. in Journalism and minor in Media Arts, Society, and Technology. She is passionate about music and film and enjoys spending her free time traveling, writing, or reading.

Contact Information
Office: 949-485-3084
Email: tleets@mbexec.com

Kristin Fahrenfort

Kristin Fahrenfort serves as the Senior Manager of Marketing + Events at McDermott + Bull, handling firm-wide and practice-specific marketing efforts, as well as planning, promoting, and producing events for the McDermott + Bull Executive Network.

Before joining McDermott + Bull, Kristin worked as an International Associate Merchandiser at Skechers, one of the largest performance and lifestyle footwear brands. Her experience also includes GUESS Jeans, where she supported the Asia region in managing marketing budgets and content, carried out seasonal campaigns, and merchandised lines throughout Asia.

Kristin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. She currently resides in Venice with her husband and bulldog.

Contact Information
Office: 949-346-3870
Email: fahrenfort@mbexec.com

Bianca Rodas

Bianca serves as Vice President of Marketing + Events for McDermott + Bull, leading the overall marketing and event strategy for the firm, including McDermott + Bull’s Executive Network. Through her leadership in ideation and creative conceptualization, she supports the firm’s brand vision of transforming executive search.

Bianca served as the Director of Marketing + Events prior to this role. Before joining McDermott + Bull, Bianca lead sponsorship marketing efforts for 90+ annual consumer-facing events as a Marketing Manager at the Los Angeles Times. She has an extensive background in developing and executing campaigns that drive brand awareness and consumer engagement in media, healthcare, and hospitality industries and for both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Bianca received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Irvine. She is a graduate and member of CORO Southern California’s inaugural Women in Leadership program. Bianca resides in Orange County with her husband and their terrier-mutt, Bubba.

Contact Information
Office: 949-529-2715
Email: brodas@mbexec.com