Executive Forum w/ Continuum Consulting Group

Topic: Tools of the Trade: Financial Planning

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive deeper into your financial planning!

Being in-transition can, and often does, cause tremendous financial stress. Stress often comes from financial instability – will I be ok until I land my next role? Having a financial plan can help with understanding your financial runway.

This forum will provide insight into the following areas:

  • What questions to ask yourself regarding your finances
  • How to improve cash flow during transition
  • Tax planning possibilities
  • Basic investment strategies
  • And more!

Join Continuum Consulting Group and find out what areas of financial planning you might be missing and what areas can be improved on as we move further into 2022.

This forum is presented by David Teper, Partner at Continuum Consulting Group.

About David Teper
David Teper is a Partner at Continuum Consulting Group located in Irvine, CA. David specializes in working with both corporate clients and individuals on guiding and supporting their financial goals.

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