*Executive Forum Webinar with M+B + Continuum Consulting + FranNet*

Career Shift: Leaving Your 9-5 to Build Something Meaningful

Today’s corporate landscape has changed drastically and has given people time to pause and re-evaluate what they’d truly love to do, which may include not going back into the corporate world. Some may want to have more flexible time to spend with their family, while others may want the satisfaction of building a business from the ground up.

If you’ve considered starting your own practice or business, join us on September 16 for a panel discussion on:

  • What it’s like to own your own franchise business or consulting practice.
  • What it means to be financially secure when you take the leap.
  • Why it is the best time to make the shift out of corporate.


Denae Bluethmann

Sr. VP of Recruiting + Development
McDermott + Bull

Denae serves as the Senior Vice President of Recruiting + Development where she co-leads McDermott + Bull’s internal recruiting and research team and is responsible for helping the firm grow into new markets.

Dan Koblin

Founder + Partner
Continuum Consulting

Dan is Founder and Partner at Continuum Consulting and previously held executive and senior-level management positions with notable companies such as PepsiCo, Disney, Washington Mutual Bank, Gateway Computers, and Alliance Imaging.

Page Nicol

Franchise Consultant

Page has over 30 years of franchise experience and helps senior-level executives sort through the facts and find franchise opportunities that genuinely fit their personal and professional goals.