Financial Executives Roundtable

Topic: Top Tips to Get on the Top of the Interview List

We’ve all been there when it comes to applying to jobs or reaching out to recruiters for a possible job and never hearing back regarding setting up an interview. Let’s discuss what some of the tools you can use to put yourself towards the top of the interview list.

The Financial Executives Roundtable is structured and expansive, providing an opportunity for you to explore ways to make yourself more memorable while networking. The 90-minute session allows for an open dialogue to discuss staying relevant, challenges you’re facing in this specific phase of transformation, and a safe place to open up for kind and compassionate feedback. We’re professionals that laugh at ourselves, advise each other, ask questions, and seek to support the needs of all who attend.

The facilitator of this monthly session is McDermott + Bull Senior Executive Recruiter, Nathaniel Swokowski.

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