*SoCal Executive Forum w/ Continuum Consulting Group*

Are You Searching For The Right Companies?

Everyone knows about the big companies in Southern California – Broadcom, Disney, Quallcom, Johnson and Johnson, etc. What about the companies that nobody has heard of that are trying to become the next Disney or Broadcom? Does your skillset and years of major corporation experience fit better in a smaller company? Can you help a small company become the next fortune 500 company? This workshop will help you build a process to target companies utilizing tools that will help identify them by geography, industry classification, size and much more. It’s time to target the “right” company to work for!

David will also cover financial planning tips and concepts to help while you are in-transition.

About David Teper

David Teper is a Partner at Continuum Consulting Group located in Irvine, CA. David specializes in working with both corporate clients and individuals on guiding and supporting their financial goals.

In-Person Attendance

This event will offer a mix of in-person and virtual attendance. While we are actively monitoring the status of local health and safety measures, as of now, we will be able to offer a small group of in-person attendees, in addition to virtual attendees. The Executive Network Coordinator will need to be informed at executivenetwork@mbexec.com at least 48 hours prior to the event if you wish to attend in-person or virtually.

If you do wish to attend in-person, the following guidelines would be in effect:

  • Maximum of 8 in-person member attendees
  • All attendees required to wear masks (unless eating or drinking)
  • All attendees must check in with office manager upon arrival for temperature and symptom check
  • All attendees must check in on iPad and record temperature check

All in-person attendees would need to agree to inform the McDermott + Bull Executive Network Coordinator if they experience COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within 72 hours of attending the event. This will be able to let us inform close contacts during the session if they need to get tested.

Depending on local health and safety, if there is a change to how this forum will be offered, we will be sure to notify each person accordingly.