LA Executive Networking Group

Topic: Interview + Meeting Image – How Do You Show up on Camera?

PART ONE: In this group, we ask that you groom and dress to Impress for your Interview/meetings, your Industry, your Income Expectations, and the physical representation of your brand. Consider the professional level of participating on webcam by also (1) selecting an appropriate background for your business interaction (not the car, not in your garden/outside, not in the kitchen or bedroom), (2) adjust lighting by choice of location and you may need to add light or diminish glare, and (3) diminish or eliminate background noises and echo by ALWAYS using earbuds or headset or earpiece with an internal microphone. PRE-TEST all these elements before showing up to our meetings AS IF you are intending to make a positive, professional impression on others who are able to refer you for roles, could ask you to come interview when they gain their placement, and to demonstrate that you respect all those on the call by showing up PREPARED…and by addressing this now at our meetings, you WILL be prepared to show up GREAT on camera.

PART TWO: PRIOR TO THE MEETINGS – Use the registration email list to send your one-page Networking Bio with your recent professional photo on it. ON OUR WEBCAM CALL: Be ready to look at each person’s sheet as they give the highlights of Target Companies and where connections are needed. ADD TO YOUR SHARED EMAIL: Are you willing to move out of your current area? What geographic area do you prefer? Willing to commute back home on weekends when a company requires relocating?

You may Share Desktop and have your Networking Bio ready to show while you speak.

Hosted by Patsy Cisneros of Corporate Icon – the image development company® – who will share guidance every month to assist you in landing your message. All group members will support one another positively by suggesting ideas to customize your external image on video for your role/industry/income/brand.

If registration for this event is closed, please reach out to to be added to the waitlist.

Attendance Policy: Members are allowed three (3) late cancellations or no shows per quarter. After three no shows/late cancellations, members will not be allowed to attend EN events for the next 30 days. A late cancellation is anything less than 24 hours prior to the event start time. We fully enforce our RSVP and waitlists for all EN events. Please ensure to RSVP online; if you have been waitlisted, please understand that we can only accept your attendance if seats have become available. If a member attends an event that they are not registered for more than two (2) times in a quarter, the member will not be allowed to attend EN events for the next 30 days.