*OC Executive Forum w/ Continuum Consulting*

Family Financial Planning

Over the past few months we have all experienced unprecedented stress and anxiety in our lives. Both emotional and financial stress has taken its toll on everyone. While we won’t be able to help you with your emotional stress, this executive forum, presented by David Teper is designed to provide you with a few basic financial planning ideas for your family in hopes of reducing your financial stress.

David’s expertise in Financial Planning will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding your financial runway
  • Identify source of “emergency funds”
  • The CARES act how it can help with cash flow
  • The importance of having a budget
  • Reviewing your expenses and finding areas to cut

About David Teper
David Teper is a Partner at Continuum Consulting. With a successful business career, David has held senior-level management and sales positions with notable companies such as Esker Software, Aptelis, Inc., Global Software and National Gypsum Compan.