OC Executive Networking Group

Topic: What Zone Are You In: Comfort, Fear, Learning, Growth? Part II

This month’s session is an extension of last month on what zone you are currently in and how to move to the next zone. You do not have to have attended last month’s session in order to attend this month. There is plenty of information to go over that was not covered last month.

This SATURDAY OC Executive Networking Group is a fast-paced, topic-driven, 90-minutes of learning how a vibrant personal network can potentially provide the foundation for what you would like to do next.

The facilitator of this monthly session is Founder + Partner of Goals Consulting Jim Rettela.

If registration for this event is closed, please reach out to executivenetwork@mbexec.com to be added to the waitlist.

Attendance Policy: Members are allowed three (3) late cancellations or no shows per quarter. After three no shows/late cancellations, members will not be allowed to attend EN events for the next 30 days. A late cancellation is anything less than 24 hours prior to the event start time. We fully enforce our RSVP and waitlists for all EN events. Please ensure to RSVP online; if you have been waitlisted, please understand that we can only accept your attendance if seats have become available. If a member attends an event that they are not registered for more than two (2) times in a quarter, the member will not be allowed to attend EN events for the next 30 days.