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FranNet Market Update: June Franchise Buyers

One thing many of us have experienced over the past few months is more time to stop and smell the roses. Challenge and adversity often spark soul searching and opportunity.

At FranNet, we are seeing an exciting rise in first-time franchise owners (many in career transition) as entrepreneurs realize their dreams and take charge of their future by starting their own business.

Why consider franchising now?

  • Business loan interest rates are at record lows
  • Larger pool of talented employees
  • Deals on real estate with landlords eager to fill vacancies
  • Pent up customer demand
  • Unique opportunity to vet the business’s response to the pandemic
  • Create additional revenue stream and portfolio diversification to hedge against economic uncertainty

Take a look at the variety of industries and equally diverse career backgrounds of our clients who said “Yes!” to owning their own business in June 2020. Will you be next?

Healthy Meal Plan Franchise

  • Technology Distribution CEO
  • QSR Industry EVP of Supply Chain

Commercial Signage Manufacturing Franchise

  • Reserve Study Engineer
  • Energy Industry Risk Management Manager

Green Seal Certified Cleaning Franchise

  • Physician
  • IoT Business Strategist
  • Communications Product Development Manager

Early Education Franchise

  • Investment Firm Principals

Kids Fitness Franchise

  • Real Estate Broker
  • Tech Service Manager

Senior Wellness Franchise

  • Technology Industry Head of Retail Experience

Pet Care Franchise

  • Corporate Finance Professional
  • Technology Sales Professional

Waste Management Franchise

  • Structural Engineer
  • Banking Industry Program Director

Home Improvement Franchise

  • Nonprofit Psychologist
  • Management Consulting Firm Senior Director

Boutique Fitness Franchise

  • Public Company Chief HR Officer
  • Investment Products Director

Through FranNet’s unique profiling and consultative process, we’ll discover the franchised businesses that match your specific goals, skills, and financial capabilities. The best part – these services are free!

If you’re interested in exploring whether franchise ownership is right for you, I’d love to help.

About Kristina Hawfield
Kristina’s corporate experience blended with entrepreneurial exposure, informs her deep understanding of the mindset of professionals pursuing an exit strategy through business ownership. She is passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals through franchise ownership.

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