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LANDED! Blog – Bruce MacCallum

Name: Bruce MacCallum

LinkedIn URL:

Executive Network Member Since (Year): 2009

Newly-Landed Position & Company: Chief Financial Officer, Mission Critical Electronics

Prior to landing your new position, were you currently working or in-transition?  I was in-transition, with eyes open for opportunities, but clearly focused on searching for permanent opportunities versus part-time or consulting roles.

How did you get connected to the company where you landed your new role?  Someone in my network knew of the search and let me know about it, so I called the recruiter to inquire about the position. As I progressed through the interview process, it turns out that I knew the principal at the private equity firm, the recruiter conducting the retained search, and the partner of the CPA firm who conducted the financial audit of the company. None of them had considered me for the opportunity.

In your estimation, what allowed you to stand-out during the interview process?  First, I was myself, transparent and genuine. Second, my prior experience and success in private equity portfolio companies. Lastly, I checked the box for the company as being the hands-on, problem solver they were looking for.

Did you encounter any challenges while being vetted for this new position?  If so, how did you overcome them?  The process was long and complex, including a homework assignment, presentation to the board, multiple assessment tests and a psychological interview. It was one of the most stringent interview processes I have experienced in my career. The key was taking each step as new challenge, head-on.

If you could give an in-transition executive any piece of advice, what would it be? A few thoughts here. Be realistic about what you want to do. Be yourself. Be patient. Create a plan to get where you want to be. Work your plan, with focus. Be willing to help others, first.

Bonus Question: What events and/or resources offered by the Executive Network have helped enhance your career? The Roundtables are a great facilitator of consistent opportunities for relationship building. I have met some wonderful people and extremely talented professionals through the Network.

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