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Name: Gary Fabian

LinkedIn URL:

Executive Network Member Since:  2016

Newly-Landed Position + Company: Chief Financial Officer, Essex Mortgage

Prior to landing your new position, were you currently working or in transition? I was in transition.

How did you get connected to the company where you landed your new role? I was connected to Essex Mortgage through a referral from a former business associate with whom I have kept in touch.

What allowed you to stand out during the interview process? There were a couple people not associated with the company who had spoken to the company owner about me in advance. It’s always best to keep connected with people, as you never know who will assist in you next job venture.

If you could give an in-transition executive any piece of advice, what would it be? Network, network, network!! As mentioned prior, staying connected with a former business associate helped get me the referral. Other ways to network would be LinkedIn connections, networking with fellow Executive Network members in and out of the EN events, and social media outlets. I found in-person (via Zoom) to be the most effective.

What events and/or resources offered by the Executive Network have helped enhance your career? The Financial Leaders and CEO roundtables were good places to make contacts and give and receive quality search ideas.

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