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Name: Jim Baker

LinkedIn URL:

Executive Network Member Since:  2014

Newly-Landed Position + Company: Regional Sales Director – West, icometrix

Prior to landing your new position, were you currently working or in transition? I was in transition.

How did you get connected to the company where you landed your new role? I looked for job postings on LinkedIn. The CEO of icometrix had posted on LinkedIn that they had received FDA approval for their new AI product to assist in the diagnosis of MRI scans. Since my experience was an intersection of AI and MRI scanners and aligned with icometrix, I reached out to the CEO and connected on LinkedIn. I then made sure to put icometrix on my target list of companies. The next month I saw a Sales Director position posted on their LinkedIn page and reached out to the CEO via LinkedIn and requested if he could connect me to the hiring manager. I optimized my resume to match the job description. Finally, I emailed my updated resume to the Global Director of Sales + Marketing which led to an interview.

What allowed you to stand out during the interview process? I was proactive in positioning myself at top of mind by reaching out to the CEO that originally posted about their FDA approval on LinkedIn. I also targeted connecting on LinkedIn with other upper management executives with the company so we would have ongoing dialogue throughout the process. I would also say that Search Engine Optimization and highlighting your Subject Matter Expertise on LinkedIn are very important. The original person I interviewed with left the company and the new recruiter found me because I stood out on a LinkedIn Search. Also, the “Tell Me About Yourself” 90 second interview was important because I was able to connect on an emotional level with the CEO. We both have family members who have experienced similar health setbacks that have motivated us to better the business world to work with people like our family members.

Did you encounter any challenges while being vetted for this position and how did you overcome them? There was a hold placed on the original compensation plan due to economic setbacks and then a new, lower base salary was proposed. I discussed the situation with my accountability partner on how to negotiate the deal points based on the differences in compensation. I also created a sense of urgency with the company by letting them know I was engaged in other interview processes.

If you could give an in-transition executive any piece of advice, what would it be? Have your LinkedIn optimized for SEO and SME so you can “standout” and be found. Have a list of 30+ companies that meet the company profile you desire and reach out to C-Suite executives at the target companies to initiate opportunities. Seek out an accountability partner or group to help counsel you on strategic positioning and final offer negotiations.

What events and/or resources offered by the Executive Network have helped enhance your career? The Reference USA Database was recommended by David Teper, Co-Partner at Continuum Consulting Group, in the EN Life Sciences Roundtable. This opened me up to finding 30 new target companies in close proximity and I reached out to their executives on LinkedIn. Jim Rettela with the OC Executive Networking Group reached out to me to review my job search strategy and encouraged me that I was on the right path. The McDermott Minute weekly videos were helpful in creating optimum mindset to tackle job hunt challenges and unexpected interview questions that come up in your journey.

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