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Name: Kevin Liebl

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Newly-Landed Position + Company: Senior Director of Product Marketing, Dell EMC

Prior to landing your new position, were you currently working or in transition? In transition.

How did you get connected to the company where you landed your new role? I leveraged my network and discovered the opportunity through a colleague that knew the hiring manager.

What allowed you to stand out during the interview process?

I worked hard and fast, ignoring the market and following the process. I also kept my network current and active, which was key for my references for this role.

If you could give an in-transition executive any piece of advice, what would it be? 

  • Remember that you are now a sales and marketing person – Never forget that you are now marketing and selling a product – yourself. You need to figure out your superpower and build a brand around it. Once you have your brand, make sure everything you do promotes and drives it.
  • Be authentic and genuine – If you want people to help and support you, then be authentic, supportive, and genuine.
  • Set and measure your goals – Define your goals every week and make sure you are hitting your targets. Remember this is a full-time job. However, just like a full-time job, you need a break. So build in a weekly goal to support your mental health.
  • Trust in the process – The networking process works and it is the best way to find your new role. However, you need to work the process fully and properly.

What events and/or resources offered by the Executive Network have helped enhance your career? The OC Executive Networking Groups. Identifying a new business opportunity is never easy, and having the support of a large and vibrant business network is key. During this process, I expanded my network considerably and owe a tremendous amount to it.


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