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Sunday Spotlight – Sanjit Das

Name: Sanjit Das

Most Recently Held Position: VP, Content + Production – Philadelphia 76ers | New Jersey Devils | Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment

Industry: Sports, Television, Virtual Reality – Entertainment

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Executive Network Member Since: June 2019

Personal + Professional Interests Outside of EN: “I’ve been an avid video gamer and tech nerd/early adopter since I was a kid. During the pandemic, online gaming actually helped to preserve and strengthen personal relationships with many of my lifelong friends. As a storyteller, I love seeing how new games and platforms transform the experience of human connection.

I’m also a huge pro and college football fan (my two alma maters are USC and UVA) and I was spoiled by the Reggie Bush years and the Steelers 6 Super Bowls. I bleed Dodger blue. Arsenal forever.

I also won a cruise on Jeopardy! It made me realize how much I needed to brush up on my Shakespeare and poetry quotes.”

EN Resources Sanjit’s Found Helpful: “The networking groups have been helpful in opening doors and building relationships with senior executives. Advice from colleagues on shared challenges has been useful regarding specific strategies and tactics for securing my next role”

EN Benefit Sanjit Wants Others to Know About + Participate: “Take advantage of the brainpower of fellow executives in the McDermott + Bull Executive Network. Go to the roundtables, make yourself vulnerable and offer your own honest perspectives.”

Position Seeking + Next Steps: “I am searching for a senior content strategy/creative role with a professional sports organization, studio, network, streamer, or brand. I’ve led and built high-performing, Emmy Award-winning teams across sports and entertainment with a keen understanding of how technology is transforming storytelling.

My background encompasses iconic brands in high-profile organizations (Disney, NBA, NHL). Throughout my career, I’ve headed cross-functional teams in editorial, video production, product, and technology to drive revenue and engagement through innovative solutions.

I particularly enjoy mentoring talent and seeing them grow into successful professionals who share the same passion for storytelling as I do.”

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