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Sunday Spotlight – Sarah Stein

Name: Sarah Stein

Most Recently Held Position: VP Sales + Marketing, CODEX Beauty

Industry: Health + Beauty

Location: New York, New York

Executive Network Member Since:  April 2021

Personal + Professional Interests Outside of EN: Artificial Intelligence, sustainability, the consumer journey’s constant evolution in the digital age, and tennis.

EN Resources Sarah’s Found Helpful: “The webinars are always strong. The topics are engaging and serve as a starting point for additional conversations with attendees.”

EN Benefit Sarah Wants Others to Know About + Participate: “Members who are not actively engaging might not be aware of the high caliber of talent. This is a key point of difference. Even if someone is in a different field, the conversation can still fuel your objectives. You should have an additional conversation if you like someone’s energy.”

Position Seeking + Next Steps: Sarah is looking to professionalize and scale a founder-led brand for PE or a portfolio company. Depending on the size of the organization, she is looking to step into a VP or C-Suite role. Sarah developed her beauty expertise at Estee Lauder, Chanel, and P&G and integrated marketing talent at MKTG Inc, Nike and Diageo’s millennial marketing agency. Recently, Sarah restaged Borghese and launched Codex Beauty, the clean, effective, sustainable skincare. For both companies, she created something from nothing. Sarah has also worked with more than 10 founders.

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